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International Journal of Business Marketing and Management
Current Issue (Volume 5 Issue 03 March 2020)

The Effect of Direct Compensation and Indirect Compensation on Job Performance with Job Satisfaction as Intervening Variable in Performance of Temporary Staff Umy
Fitriana Lestari || Siswoyo Haryono || Meika Kurnia Puji RDA

Strategic Leadership Practices and their Relationship to Improving the Quality of Educational Service in Palestinian Universities
Mansour M. Alayoubi || Mazen J. Al Shobaki || Samy S. Abu-Naser

The impact of internal marketing on customer loyalty (Case study: African Community Credit Bank –Cameroon)

The Equity Premium Puzzle undera General Utility Function
Yulin Zhou || Peibiao Zhao

Evaluation Of Interest Toward Participants Decision Of BPJSEmployment Through Brand Equity And Service Quality
Zulkifli Abidin Chaniago || Achmad Fachrodji

Understanding the Impact of Project Management Knowledge and Education Implementing Development Projects Created and Executed By the Government
Anand Lokhande

Asian option on Riemannian manifolds
Haiyang Zhang || Wanxiao Tang || Peibiao Zhao

Organizational Behavior a Predictor of Corporate Culture and Performance: The Tail of Two Phenomenon
Barbara. E. Flemming || Paul. L. Flemming

Organizational Triangulation and Leadership Pluralism: The Audacity of Innovation
Barbara E. Flemming || Paul. L. Flemming

A Paradigm Shift in Performance Leadership and Corporate Culture Ideologies: The Human Resources Worst Dilemma.
Findings from Three USVI Public Sector Organizations
Barbara. E. Flemming || Paul. L. Flemming

Consumer Preferences of Tomato and Eggplant in Dili, East Timor
Lamdor Tiurmauli Sitorus || Pedro Damião Henriques || Maria Raquel Lucas

The Influences of Company's Internal Factors and Macroeconomics against the Stock Return from the Construction, Property and Real Estate Sectors Registered on Indonesia Stock Exchange
Oki Nofitasari || Augustina Kurniasih

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